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Meet the Quilter

Creative Threads for Hope started out as Purses for Hope. Originally born of my love for both fabric and the people of Sierra Leone. My first mission trip to Bo, Sierra Leone was in 2009. I was there for about three days when I was asked if I thought I would be back. I knew then, there was no doubt that Sierra Leone had a piece of my heart. I have now taken 9 trips.


In addition, seeing all the beautiful dresses the women wore, made me anxious to purchase fabric. God created the perfect plan. I could sew purses from the unique African patterns and sell them to raise the money for my return trips. 


This increasing love of sewing and fabrics has now lead me back to quilting. Not only do I love creating quilt tops, but the purchase of a Gammill Statler Longarm has fueled a new desire to help others finish their quilts. My business also helps to fund the charitable endeavors that have so touched my heart. I have been blessed to be able to turn my passion for sewing and quilting into a way of benefiting others.


To learn more about the work being done in Sierra Leone go to

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